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Take Control of Your Video Creations with PowerDirector Mod APK

Great way access pro-level tools for professional-quality results, unlimited access to premium effects, color filters, text overlays and next level more great features.

Smooth, intuitive editing on any device allows you to enhance, professionallooking videos, and share your videos seamlessly.

PowerDirector MOD APK Versions

PowerDirector MOD APK – Video Editor v14.1.0

PowerDirector MOD APK – Video Editor application, offers a customized rendition of Cyberlink Corp’s PowerDirector pro 365 video editor. Its unlocked premium features set this modified version apart from the original. Stay updated with the latest 2024 modifications or stick with the authentic, all old version’s of PowerDirector revolutionary app with v14.1.0, all available through

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App Name PowerDirector Mod APK
Genres Video Player & Editor
Publisher Cyberlink Corp
Version 14.1.0
Size 302.51 MB
MOD APK Premium Unlocked
Update 2024/05/11
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Overview PowerDirector Mod APK Downloads

PowerDirector MOD APK allow users to access premium features for free without subscribing to a paid subscription. These features often include without watermarks, no ads, with 4K UHD high-quality edit export videos, and a wider range of unlock tools and effects.

The MOD APK premium version can enhance the user experience by providing more video editing options. This is why many users worldwide prefer the official version of MOD APK over the official one.

Enjoy for Android and PC

Video editing is a world-demand skill set, its efficacy is bolstered by access to proper instruments for Windows. PowerDirector 365 Essential is a remarkable resource and offers a rich array of features typically associated with paid premium versions.

But don’t worry, PowerDirector mod apk for use on PC or mobile devices is free. This version is notably optimized, it guarantee that exported videos maintain their quality, enhance the overall editing experience.

Why 80 Million Users First Choice?

PowerDirector mod apk one of the most popular video editing applications on the google play store is PowerDirector video editing app. After strong competition, it consistently ranks center as the top choice for video artists and has earned the highly respected Editors Choice Adoption, thanks to its impressive array of features.

PowerDirector ultimate apk stands out as a premium video editing tool offered by for Android phones. It provides the user with a careful set of features without effort.

Moreover, PowerDirector for PC is compatible with windows via bluestacks, as well as iOS/Mac platforms.

With PowerDirector pro apk creating cinematic style movies is easier than ever thanks to its advanced editing capabilities. This program is ideal for improving your video editing abilities, regardless of experience level.

Why is PowerDirector Editor’s First Choice?

One of the primary reasons why PowerDirector Premium is the editor’s first choice is its user-friendly interface. With a sleek and intuitive design, even beginners can quickly grasp the basics of video editing. The layout is organized logically, allowing easy navigation and seamless workflow.

AI Video Features
Feature Description
AI Video Effect Enhance video with AI-generated effects
AI Background Remover Automatically remove backgrounds from videos
AI Body Effect Apply effects specifically to human bodies
AI Object Detection Detect and track objects within the video
AI Sky Replacement Replace or enhance skies in videos using AI
AI Motion Tracking Track and analyze motion within the video
Video Collage Create collages using multiple video clips
Chroma Key/Green Screen Remove backgrounds using green screen technology
Blending Modes Blend multiple layers or clips for effects
Object Masking Mask out specific objects or areas in videos
Keyframe Controls Control animation and effects over time
Royalty-free Images or videos Access a library of free-to-use media
Speech to Text Convert spoken words into text for subtitles
Background Music & Sound Effects Add audio to your videos
Fix Shaky Videos Stabilize shaky footage for smoother playback
Plug-ins Extend functionality with additional plugins
Languages Multiple languages support

AI Video Effect

PowerDirector Ai Cartoon Video Effect Feature

The AI video effect is mind-blowing without extra effort and enhances visual appeal. and your footage is analyzed to suggest or apply stunning visual effects adding an extra layer of sophistication to your videos. Whether it’s improving colors and refining details, or infusing artistic flair.

AI Background Remover

Say goodbye to plain backgrounds and say hello to AI Background Remover in PowerDirector Pro, where you can easily remove backgrounds from your footage.

This tool enables smooth integration of your subject into different environments and unlocks infinite creative options without the trouble of complicated manual editing.

PowerDirector AI Background Remover Feature

AI Body Effect

PowerDirector AI Body Effect feature

Make professional videos with the AI Body Effect in PowerDirector, this cool feature lets you add special effects to people like making movements more exciting and changing clothes or even giving them a whole new look

PowerDirector AI Object Detection Feature

AI Object Detection

Now talk about true editing with Power Director. With our AI Object Detection feature, your videos are in good hands.

It spots and follows objects, so effects, transitions, and edits seamlessly fit in with what you choose, saving you time and making editing a breeze. Creating top-notch edits has never been easier with AI Object Detection.

AI Sky Replacement

Want to change the boring sky in your video? PowerDirector Mod Apk AI Sky Swap can do that.  Just pick your YouTube or TikTok video, etc.. and the AI will find the sky itself.

Then you can pick a new sky from a lot of options, like a sunny day, a clear night, or even stars. It’s super easy to make your video look amazing.

PowerDirector AI Sky Replacement feature

AI Motion Tracking

That cool feature of motion tracking includes precise object tracking, which allows you to easily follow and capture moving subjects in your video.

It improves your editing capabilities by allowing you to apply effects, text, or graphics that stay locked onto the tracked object throughout the clip. 

In my case, this feature works better on a desktop/PC but is not bad on a mobile device. It saves you time and effort by automating the tracking process.

PowerDirector AI Motion Tracking Feature

Video Collage

PowerDirector mod apk Video Collage feature

Make cool video mixes. Video collage lets you put pictures and videos together in all sorts of neat ways. It is easy to use and lets you get creative, save time editing, and try different styles. 

With all the layouts and effects to choose from, you can tell your story in a fun and eye-catching way, making your video project the best ever. 

PowerDirector Chroma Key and Green Screen feature

Chroma Key/Green Screen

This is the most popular feature chroma key also known as Green Screen right, is a feature in PowerDirector that allow users to remove the background from their footage and replace it with any image or video.

This feature enhances the visual quality of video, offers creative flexibility, and improves storytelling by easy integrating subjects into different backgrounds.

Blending Modes

PowerDirector Blending Modes feature

The help mix different video or images together in cool ways like making one transparent or changing colors.

Object Masking

This lets you focus on specific parts of your video, like blurring face or highlighting objects, by cover the rest.

PowerDirector Object Masking feature

Keyframe Controls

PowerDirector Keyframe Controls feature

Keyframe controls provide a powerful method for animating elements within your videos or creating dynamic visual effects. 

By setting keyframes at different points in time and adjusting the properties of your video or image layers, such as position, scale, opacity or effects parameters, you can create smooth and seamless animations or transitions.

Keyframe animation allows you to bring your creative vision to life, adding movement, depth, and complexity to your videos

PowerDirector Millions of Stock Images Videos and Music feature

Millions of Stock Images and Videos

Using watermark-free stock images and videos in the iStock library with PowerDirector offers many advantages. It provides cost-effectiveness by eliminating the need for expensive licensing agreements, saves time through easy access to a vast library of content, and enhances creativity by offering diverse visual options. 

Moreover, it ensures legal compliance, as the content comes with usage rights, and maintains professional quality through curated collections of high-quality assets. The versatility of stock content allows for a wide range of subjects and styles, while its easy integration into PowerDirector ensures consistency across projects.

Speech to Text

PowerDirector Speech to Text feature

Power Director speech-to-text feature offers multiple benefits, including time efficiency, accuracy, accessibility, searchability, content creation, editing efficiency, and educational uses. 

By automatically transcribing spoken content into text it saves time, improves accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments, and facilitates content creation and editing.

Background Music & Sound Effects

Background music and sound effects play crucial roles in video production, particularly when using PowerDirector. They contribute to the video’s overall atmosphere, engagement, and professionalism.

By carefully selecting appropriate music tracks and sound effects, viewers gain interest. Using licensed music from PowerDirector’s library also ensures legal compliance and reinforces the brand’s identity.

PowerDirector Background Music & Sound Effects feature

Fix Shaky Videos

PowerDirector Fix Shaky Videos feature

This feature is a powerful tool for editing footage. It offers such things as improved quality, correction tools for common issues like shaky footage and poor lighting, a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experts alike, customizable options for personalized adjustments and the ability to achieve professional-looking results even for amateur videographers.

PowerDirector AI Style Plugin feature


Plugins provide particular value when considering the dynamic content creation opportunities facilitated by the Plug-ins and Performance feature within Cyberlink PowerDirector 365. 

These features include enhanced creativity, versatile content creation capabilities for activities like gaming, live podcasting, vlogging, efficiency and convenience in the editing process the ability to achieve professional-quality results and the potential to attain social media stardom by captivating audiences with compelling content.

Multiple languages

Language Table
Language Enjoy Now
Hinde X
Turkish X
Português (Brazilian)
Vietnamese X
Chinese (Traditional & Simplified)

AI Audio Features

The Cyberlink PowerDirector editing software offers several powerful AI audio features to improve your video editing experience like magic buttons that help make your audio sound better, clearer and more professional.

PowerDirector AI Audio Features feature
AI Video Features
Feature Description
Audio Enhancer Enhances the quality of audio recordings by improving clarity, depth, and richness
Voice Changer Modifies the pitch, tone, and timbre of a recorded voice
Audio Dereverb Reduces or eliminates reverberation from audio recordings, making them sound clearer
Audio Denoise Reduces background noise from audio recordings, resulting in cleaner sound
Speech Enhancement Improves the intelligibility and clarity of speech in audio recordings
Wind Removal Minimizes or eliminates wind noise from audio recordings, particularly useful for outdoor recordings

Audio Enhancer

This tool makes your audio sound better by making it clearer and louder. It’s like giving your audio a little boost to make it sound more professional.

PowerDirector Audio Enhancer feature

Voice Changer

Imagine you can make your voice sound like a robot or like you’ve just inhaled helium from a balloon. That’s what this feature does! It lets you play around with your voice to make it sound different and fun.

PowerDirector Audio Dereverb feature

Audio Dereverb

Have you ever been in a big empty room and when you speak, it sounds like your voice is echoing? That’s reverb! This tool helps to reduce that echoing effect in your recordings, making your audio sound cleaner.

Audio Denoise

Sometimes, when you record audio, there’s unwanted background noise like the hum of an air conditioner or the rumble of traffic. This feature helps to get rid of that noise so your audio sounds clearer and nicer.

Speech Enhancement

You know how sometimes when people talk in videos, it’s hard to understand what they’re saying because the audio isn’t very clear? This tool fixes that by making voices in your videos easier to hear and understand.

PowerDirector Speech Enhancement feature

Wind Removal

PowerDirector Wind Removal feature

Ever tried recording outside on a windy day? The wind can make a lot of noise that ruins your audio. This feature helps to reduce that wind noise so your outdoor recordings sound smoother.

Supported Format

Supported Formats
Category Supported Formats
Video H.263 (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), VP8 (.MKV)
Music WAV, MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC

How to Install PowerDirector Mod APK on Android Device

Before you download the PowerDirector APK file, you need to do one thing.

Allow Unknown Sources: Your phone needs to allow apps from places other than the Play Store. You can do this in your phone’s settings.

Download: Once that’s set up, get it from our website at or the download page because it’s not on the Play Store.


After it’s downloaded, find the file on your phone.

  • Tap it to start installing.
  • While it’s installing, the app might ask for permissions. Just say yes to everything it asks for so it can work right.

PowerDirector Apk Video Tutorial

Final Words

So, PowerDirector MOD APK, with a download link included. Unlock premium features without paying. It is safe and faster than watching ads. Enjoy all premium resources for free.

Tested for safety. Flay your editing skills hassle-free. Download now and report if you have any problem or question.


Is PowerDirector 365 really free?

No, PowerDirector 365 is not completely free. While there’s a free trial version, you’ll need to subscribe to access all premium features. But don’t worry, PowerDirector Mod APK latest version is here. You can download it now using the link mentioned above.

Is PowerDirector without watermark?

Yes, if you subscribe to PowerDirector Pro 365 or PowerDirector Ultra, you can export videos without watermarks. Moreover, you can free download the Mod APK application and use all premium features unlocked.

Is PowerDirector better than Premiere Pro?

It depends. PowerDirector is easier for beginners and has more affordable options. Premiere Pro is more advanced and used by professionals.

Is CyberLink PowerDirector 12 free?

CyberLink PowerDirector 12 is not offered for free. While previous versions of PowerDirector may have had trial versions or promotional offers, CyberLink typically releases newer versions with updated features and improvements. Users interested in accessing the functionalities of PowerDirector 12 or newer versions can explore the various subscription plans offered by CyberLink.